Customer affordability

Affordability and AML checks don't have to drive your best customers away or consume huge amounts of time and money. ClearStake helps you protect players, while ensuring those who can afford to stake stick around.


Fast, accurate affordability and AML decisions

It's incredibly simple. We collect the financial data you need to make accurate affordability decisions. And present those decisions, and all the insight you need, in an easy-to-read report.

All the data you need, calculated automatically

ClearStake provides simple RAG scoring for an almost infinite range of financial data points, as defined by you.

Disposable income

ClearStake automatically detects salary and calculates disposable income. We then display the deposit amount as a percentage of that income, making affordability decisions easy.

Savings / Balance

We calculate total available funds for each individual, and we automatically sum figures from multiple accounts - including joint accounts. And where necessary we also include diverse sources or wealth.

Red flags

There are any number of danger signs that may be relevant to your business. ClearStake automatically highlights them when they occur. Changing spending patterns, new loans, changing income levels: we'll let you know.

Decisions tailored for your organisation

One-size-fits-all doesn't cut it when it comes to affordability decisions. ClearStake allows you to configure your own compliance policies, in as much detail as you wish, so that every decision is your decision.

Even better, we allow you to set up multiple workflows, each with their own rules and markers. By doing so, you can automate multiple affordability processes in one place: ClearStake.

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Making affordability decisions easy, for businesses like yours

Keep your best customers

When your affordability process takes time, and asks too many questions of your customers, those customers churn.

ClearStake makes it incredibly easy for your customers to share data in seconds - whether via Open Banking or statement upload.

We validate that data in real-time, eliminating the back-and-forth communication that leads to customer drop-off.

Last but not least, we do the maths for you, which means decisions are returned to your customers in minutes: leaving them to carry on playing.

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Every case at your fingertips

Retrieve every case and every decision in seconds. ClearStake includes a case management platform that enables your team to assign and share work efficiently.

And we securely store the information you used to make your decisions so that when the time comes, you are ready to evidence every one of them.