Awarded Best Customer Experience

Fast, accurate lending decisions

ClearStake gives you full, dynamic insight into your customers financial situation, and allows you to lend effectively and profitably as a result.


A complete solution for lending

Clear reporting

We show how much each customer can afford to borrow - based on real financial data.

Automated workflows

ClearStake integrates with your internal systems, making it easy to add affordability analysis to existing processes.

Audit trails

Our case management tool means you can evidence every lending decision you make.

Save time and money

Lending approval processes are costly and time-consuming. ClearStake provides clear visual summaries of every customer's financial situation within minutes, and instant feedback on what that customer can truly afford to borrow and repay.


Easy for your customers

Conventional assessments impose a significant burden on the customer. As a result, many never complete an application. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

ClearStake is designed to provide the data you need at the touch of the button, remove the need for the sharing of multiple documents, and deliver the best possible customer experience as a result.

Cards that work all across the world.
No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.

Truly accurate data

Conventional financial checks based on postcode or credit data are no longer enough: they just don't provide the accuracy you need to lend with confidence.

ClearStake is based on real data. Every decision can be made based on genuine insight. And we eliminate the risks associated with fines and reputational damage.


Make better decisions

ClearStake gives you complete insight into any potential borrower’s finances. As a result, we make it easy to determine when to lend - and when not to.

We automatically identify and track truly disposable income, giving you insight beyond the headlines: and making your decisions more accurate as a result.