Awarded Best Customer Experience

Fast, accurate, affordability decisions for retailers

For any retailer selling on a ‘buy now, pay later’ basis, ClearStake can ensure both your customers and your business are protected.


A complete solution for retail affordability

Clear reporting

We show how much each customer can afford to pay - based on real financial data.

Automated workflows

ClearStake integrates with your internal systems to make affordability analysis simple.

Audit trails

Our case management tool means you can evidence every affordability decision you make.

Real, accurate affordability

ClearStake provides a true view of customer finances, calculates actual disposable income, and gives your business confidence you are selling to customers who can pay.

And with ongoing monitoring, we can identify and alert when a customer’s financial situation changes.


Make it easy for your customers

We all know intrusive affordability checks drive a huge number of otherwise good customers away. 

That’s why ClearStake makes the process as simple as possible. We give your customers a choice when it comes to sharing data, and make the whole thing a pleasure. And it only takes a minute.

Cards that work all across the world.
No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.

Save time and money

Approval processes can involve a lot of form filling and document checks. Nobody likes them, and they cost your business time and money.

ClearStake makes it incredibly easy to get a clear, accurate view of customer finances. In minutes, and based on true financial data.


Collect financial data however you choose

ClearStake is dedicated to making it as fast, easy and secure as possible for your customers to share financial data.

Whether via Open Banking, or conventional statement upload, we then ensure that data is presented to your team in a way that makes fast decisions easy.