Stop losing customers during AML checks

ClearStake makes it incredibly easy to identify source of funds, making AML checks faster and easier than ever before.

Smart digital statements

Working through bank statements to find income sources can be time-consuming and frustrating. ClearStake converts financial data (from either Open Banking or conventional statements) into searchable 'smart statements'.

As a result, it becomes straightforward to find and tag transactions for follow-up, making AML checks faster and simpler than ever.

Fast, accurate statement scanning

No more calculating from statements with a biro and calculator. ClearStake includes statement scanning technology that generates exactly the same reports and insight from paper statements. And we get it right first time, every time, for statements from over 60 UK banks.

Helping businesses like yours manage affordability and AML checks

Automated salary detection

No matter how your customers share data, ClearStake analyzes financial information and automatically extracts and itemises income sources. We make it simple to see precisely what any customer earns, and exactly where that money comes from.

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Easy for customers to share data

AML checks can only be performed when customers share their financial data. Too many of them don't.

That's why ClearStake makes it as easy as possible to for your customers. It takes seconds to share data via Open Banking, and we also support sharing of conventional statements. They don't need to dig out documents, download apps, or spend time finding relevant transactions.

As a result, you'll keep more of your best customers.

Cards that work all across the world.
No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.

Everything in one place

Sometimes AML gets messy. Not with ClearStake. Follow up on key transactions within the platform (we'll handle the comms). Store all relevant documentation within a single case so it's always on hand when you (or anyone else) needs it. With ClearStake, you'll always be able to evidence every decision you make.