Keep your best customers with simple, frictionless financial checks

Protect your customers, control costs and reduce churn with automated affordability and source of funds checks.

Reduce churn

Requesting financial data causes customers to churn. But not with ClearStake. We make it incredibly easy for your customers to share data. So easy, that most say ‘yes’ without a second thought.

Reduce cost

It costs time and money to check paper statements supplied by customers.  ClearStake automates everything: from data collection to a report that gives you the insight you need and no more.

Manage risk

ClearStake allows you to model your own compliance policies and make the right decision every time, on your own terms. We protect your players, and we protect your reputation.

The simple way to perform financial checks

Whether for AML or affordability purposes, ClearStake lets your customers share data in whatever way works for them, and provides fast, accurate decisions based on the things that matter to you. Simple.

Whatever your industry, we've got you covered.

Wherever you need to check customer finances - for your own protection and for that of the customer - ClearStake is there.

What's in the box?

ClearStake is built on the most advanced tech out there, from Open Banking to machine learning. Our beautiful and intuitive UI drives consumer opt-in. And we're super easy to integrate too.
With ClearStake, there's no integration required. But our comprehensive API tool-set means you can automate case creation, return results back to your own internal systems, handling the entire affordability process in minutes.
Advanced Risk Scoring
Fully configurable drag-and-drop risk matrices deliver results based on your existing workflows, tolerances and risk markers. We also support multiple workflows, allowing you to automate all your affordability and AML checks in one place.
Optimised UI/UX
Our plaform is designed to be easy and fast to use for consumers. That in turn means the highest possible conversion rates when it comes to financial checks.
Statement Scanner
We know some customers still wish to share conventional statements. ClearStake uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to produce the same insights, in the same great UI and same great user experience.

ClearStake in action

ClearStake is already helping operators reduce churn, save time and money, and meet regulatory requirements.

Our Customers

3000+ businesses around the world trust us to keep their money safe.

With Banksy, you never have to worry about unpaid bills and skipping coffees to save money. We help you plan ahead so you can achieve your goals--and celebrate them!
Credit cards

Boost your savings with the right credit card.

All your needs covered with a full range of credit and debit cards .

Lifestyle Benefits :
Get cash backs and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds
Travel better by earning unlimited 1.5x miles
Lifestyle Benefits :
Get cash backs and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds
Travel better by earning unlimited 1.5x miles
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Customer Story

Cannot recommend Banksy enough!

“ It's been 2 years since I found Banksy, and it's such a relief as a small business owner to not worry about unnecessary fees. I lost my credit card once, and the service was so prompt that I was back to work the next day!
Melanie Shaw
Design Lead @ Apple
Customer Story

Highly recommended!

“ We'll do the work of saving for them each month.When you know your bills are covered, you can focus on the fun parts of having money “
Joe Fisher
Product Manager @ Nike
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