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Accurate, real-time affordability decisions

Protect your customers, control costs and reduce churn with automated affordability through Open Banking.

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3000+ businesses around the world trust us to keep their money safe.

With Banksy, you never have to worry about unpaid bills and skipping coffees to save money. We help you plan ahead so you can achieve your goals--and celebrate them!

Everything you need to manage affordability

Clear reporting

See precisely how much a customer can really afford to spend, based on up-to-the-minute actual bank data.

Automated workflows

No need to check statements manually. ClearStake automatically gives you the insight you need to make the right decision every time.

Audit trails

Meet regulatory requirements with a clear, evidenced audit trail for every affordability decision you make.

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Affordability decisions in minutes

Stop spending time and money checking affordability levels. ClearStake provides clear summaries of customer finances within minutes, and instant feedback on what a customer can truly afford to spend. 

Cards that work all across the world.
No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.

Hold on to your best customers

Intrusive affordability checks can drive your most valuable customers away. ClearStake keeps them engaged with easy-to-use self-service tools, and decisions in minutes.

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A new approach to affordability

It’s time to ditch inaccurate and static credit scores and geo-affordability checks.

ClearStake protects all your customers, helps you make accurate decisions, eliminates risks associated with fines and reputational damage, and gives your business a clear view of what potential customers can really afford.


Built on Open Banking. Or not

ClearStake uses Open Banking to make it easy and secure for your customers to share their financial data.

But for those who wish to supply data in the traditional way via scanned statements, we use optical character recognition (OCR) to create the same summary reports, delivered in the same way.

Credit cards

Boost your savings with the right credit card.

All your needs covered with a full range of credit and debit cards .

Lifestyle Benefits :
Get cash backs and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds
Travel better by earning unlimited 1.5x miles
Lifestyle Benefits :
Get cash backs and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds
Travel better by earning unlimited 1.5x miles
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Customer Story

Cannot recommend Banksy enough!

“ It's been 2 years since I found Banksy, and it's such a relief as a small business owner to not worry about unnecessary fees. I lost my credit card once, and the service was so prompt that I was back to work the next day!
Melanie Shaw
Design Lead @ Apple
Customer Story

Highly recommended!

“ We'll do the work of saving for them each month.When you know your bills are covered, you can focus on the fun parts of having money “
Joe Fisher
Product Manager @ Nike
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