Fast, accurate, lending decisions

ClearStake gives you full, dynamic insight into your customers financial situation, and allows you to lend effectively and profitably as a result

Save time and money

Reading bank statements with a biro and calculator in hand is time consuming. ClearStake automates the entire process. We retrieve the data, do the calculations for you, and return a result. Simple.

Automated and accurate statement scanning

No more manual reading of paper statements: ClearStake scans, analyses and presents data from statements in any form, just as we do via Open Banking. Our scanning technology saves you huge amounts of time and money, and enables our customers to digitalise existing files for audit purposes.

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More approvals, more business

Stop turning away customers who fail inaccurate credit and geo checks. ClearStake is built on real, up-to-the-minute financial data, meaning you can approve edge cases in confidence and never turn away good business.

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Smarter business, built on accurate data

Traditional credit checks give only a partial picture and can expose you to hidden risks. ClearStake is different. A full financial picture enables your business to identify red flags such as new and existing loans (including payday loans), gambling spend, changes in spending patterns - and indeed almost anything that informs your lending decisions.


Insight into complex finances

Customer finances aren't always simple. ClearStake is designed to summarise and report on even complex finances, including joint accounts, multiple accounts and diverse sources of income and wealth. Better yet, we provide the capability to identify transactions of concern, follow up directly to the customer, and include relevant documentation within a single case view.