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Retain more players and make quicker decisions with fast and accurate financial due diligence built for the gambling industry.
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Retain more players. Retain more revenues.

ClearStake makes financial data requests easy, so you retain more players, spend less time making decisions,
and enjoy increased sustainable revenues.
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Increase in player retention Vs. conventional document requests
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Average decision time when analysing financial data

Don't just take our word for it

“ClearStake offers MrQ a strong route towards achieving seamless affordability and AML checks. Their feature-rich platform, player-centric design and speed of integration made them the clear supplier of choice. div block."
Savvas Fellas,
Founder and CEO at

Built for the jobs to be done.

Whether your validating a player's income, understanding their affordability or conducting enhanced due diligence, ClearStake allows you to create customised workflows and risk scoring to your own specific needs.
Tailored player journey increases opt-in
Detailed insights deliver fast, accurate decisions
Warehoused data supports ongoing player management

Removing friction. Increase opt-in.

Connected to all of the UK's major banking institutions, players benefit from the control and security of sending data via their banking apps.
Timely and relevant interactions
Seamless integration of the ClearStake journey into your existing gaming experience, delivers player interactions at the point when they are most timely and relevant.
Quick, secure and simple
Make it easy for your players to share their financial data in less than 30 seconds directly from their mobile banking app.
Reduce unnecessary back-and-forth
Clearly signpost the information that you need the player to supply ensuring that you’re collecting all the information you need on the first pass without frustrating your players.

Fast, accurate decisions based on comprehensive player analysis.

Clear player insights based on real-time financial data helps reduce the time needed for case officers to make consistent player decisions from hours to minutes.
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Income showing declared salary is mismatched against what has been detected
Monthly affordability showing incoming and outgoing
Checks including AML and transfers
Advanced player segmentation
Simplifying complex data sets
From validating a player's level of income, available disposable funds or the identification of source of funds/wealth, we ensure that your time is spent looking at the information that matters the most.
Accurate financial modelling
Powerful transaction toolset
Configure liquidity buckets, transaction categories and risk markers to deliver the insights relevant to your business. Tag specific transactions for additional review by supporting teams.
Dynamic player management
Dynamic data view
ClearStake presents operators with only the information need to complete the current workflow. This ensures that player data is handled responsibly and privacy always remains the top priority.

Detailed player intelligence, centrally managed.

A comprehensive case management platform makes sure that player information is accessible from a single case management view.
Dynamic player management
Minimise the need for unnecessary additional data requests with real-time visibility on any changes in a player's current financial situation.
Supporting documents
Ensure that all the data needed to make informed decisions is located in one place to avoid unnecessary back and forth with the customer that so often consumes valuable time and delays decisions.
Warehouse decisions
Create and archive a snapshot of the data at the specific point in time that decisions were made, allowing case officers to quickly refer back to the reason for decision at any given time, including regulatory audits.

The simple way to request financial data

Whether for AML or RG purposes, ClearStake lets your players share data in whatever way works for them, and provides fast, accurate decisions based on the things that matter to you.
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Rapid deployment via a single API

Get setup in a matter of hours thanks to a simple API and ClearStake Dashboard that allows no-code configuration of the platform and cases, saving you valuable development time and giving your team the freedom to iterate and customise as much as they need.

Need to be up and running even faster?
Perfect for call centres and smaller land based and online operators, the ClearStake platform can be setup and deployed for use manually without any need for integration.
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The ClearStake view

RegTech in gambling is a rapidly-evolving landscape. Here's our take on what is happening
(alongside customer stories, product updates, and more...)
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ClearStake in action

"With ClearStake, we are able to take an active role in ensuring all of our customers are protected, and to do so with minimal disruption to their experience and our business."
Tyla Labuschagne,
Compliance Manager at Hollywoodbets International UK Limited

ClearStake in action

"We've been thrilled with the player uptake since launch. Additionally, thanks to the shared passion with ClearStake, we are very excited about the opportunities that ClearStake starts to open up in terms of automating a number of currently resource intensive processes"
Claudia Farrugia, Head of Compliance Operations
@ MrQ
Grace Media
"A central element of Grace Media’s product is our support for ancillary services, including compliance. “With ClearStake, we will be able to make compliance journeys involving financial checks significantly smoother which will help our own clients retain a higher number of players as a result.”
Charlie Noble, COO
@ Grace Media
"With ClearStake, we are able to take an active role in ensuring all of our customers are protected, and to do so with minimal disruption to their experience and our business."
Tyla Labuschagne, Compliance Manager
@ Hollywoodbets International UK Limited