The simple, fast and secure way to share financial data

We’re making it easy for you to share data with your favourite brands in the most secure way possible.

The simple, secure way to share your financial data


Scans of bank statements can end up anywhere. With ClearStake, access to your data is tightly controlled - by you.


ClearStake means fast affordability decisions, meaning no lengthy delays before you spend your money.


It takes less than a minute to share your financial data. No more hours spend printing and scanning statements.

How ClearStake works

ClearStake enables you to share financial data with organisations that require some insight into your financial situation - such as when applying for credit or a mortgage.

Unlike old-fashioned credit agencies, we don't give you a 'score'. Instead we provide unique, individual insights for every situation. That gives you as a consumer better access to financial and other products, whilst protecting you from harm.

Stay in control of your data

With ClearStake, you have complete control over how your data is shared, who it is shared with, and for how long. At any point you can login to your ClearStake account and manage access.

Our solution is safe and secure, built on the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). ClearStake has trusted connections with all the major UK banks: together we ensure your data is always protected.