Clearstake: making affordability checks as easy and secure as possible

We’re changing how affordability works, and making it easy for you to share financial data with your favourite brands in the most secure way possible.


The simple, secure way to share your financial data


Scans of bank statements can end up anywhere. With ClearStake, access to your data is tightly controlled - by you.


ClearStake means fast affordability decisions, meaning no lengthy delays before you spend your money.


It takes less than a minute to share your financial data. No more hours spend printing and scanning statements.

Take control of your data

With ClearStake, you have complete control over how your data is shared, who it is shared with, and for how long.

Our solution is safe and secure, built on the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). ClearStake has trusted connections with all the major UK banks: together we ensure your data is always protected.


Get paid faster

No more waiting days for your winnings.
When you connect your bank account through ClearStake, payments from any other business you deal with - hit your bank account immediately.


How it works



You consent to share data, and add your bank account, through a simple open banking journey.

Financial scoring

We analyse incomings and outgoings to create a summary financial health report.

Affordability controls

The businesses you work with ensure you spend within what you can afford.

Insights for you

Check your finances regularly with ClearStake - or turn it off whenever you choose. 
Mobile app

A new approach to affordability

ClearStake gives you live insight into how you spend your money, and what you have to spend in the month.

Understand your total income from all sources, how your spend breaks down into categories, plus your committed spend and discretionary spend each month.


ClearStake: protecting the consumer

We want to make problem gambling a thing of the past. And we’re not alone. New regulations in the UK and Europe are designed to ensure nobody spends more than they can afford on betting or gaming.

ClearStake is the only way to make that happen, and at the core of our mission is ensuring that every consumer can enjoy a bet within their means.