Customer insights

ClearStake offers dynamic customer insights. That means the best possible player protection, and increased revenue opportunities.


Dynamic player insights

Things change. Your affordability and marketing decisions should change with them.

ClearStake offers dynamic monitoring of your customer base, and keeps you informed when players need protecting, or can be allowed to spend more. No more limits set in stone: instead, real up-to-the-minute intelligence.


A complete picture

ClearStake does the math so you don't have to. We give immediate visibility around:


Total gambling spend across all operators

Red flags (as defined by your organisation) such as new loans, credit cards, changes in income levels, and suspicious transactions

Cards that work all across the world.
No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.

The information you need

ClearStake gives you as much detail into customer finances as you want - and no more. Our report - and our smart statement - is fully configurable, to help you tailor the best possible service to each individual customer without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail.

Delivering dynamic insights for operators like you